C.S.I. offers the participants the opportunity to take part in a real scale investigation in the heart of the city. Each team of investigators will be in charge of solving one of the several crimes that took place recently.

C.S.I. will require the players to use their deduction and intuition skills as well as to share information with other teams in order to finish the adventure within the imparted time.

Duration: 4h
Number of participants: from 15 to 40
Rate: from 1.900.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)

The rules

Everything begins with the usual daily briefing at the police station. The chief of police will hand a different crime file to each team and ask them to start investigating.

They will have 2 hours to go as far as possible in their investigations and come back to the headquarters to make their report. To do this, participants will need to explore real scale reconstitutions, pursue leads, interrogate witnesses and perform researches and analysis.

Following their first report, the chief of police calls for a meeting: a 30 min brainstorming session to find out the connections between the different cases as well as the best way to close them within the last hour of the game.

The final action of the game will depend on the decisions that have been made during the meeting and everyone’s capacity to work together…

Great fun for everybody!