Your guests are invited to a gala dinner during which everyone takes a new identity.

A murderer is hidden among them but he is not the only one hiding secrets.

During this theater evening, everyone plays a role. With this new identity comes a goal and several information that participants will need to carefully disclose during the evening.

Hide your secrets and discover who is the murderer before the end of this thrilling and original dinner!

Duration: 3h30 (including finger food dinner & drinks)

Number of participants: 15 to 30

Rate: from 2,450,000 VND (VAT 10% not included)

The pitch

A new casino is organizing a charity auction. Tonight, wealthy guests will join & bid during the auction.

Undercover spies from the cinema industry and mad scientists among others will join to participate to one of the most glamour events of the year. But why does Mrs White act so weird and where is the casino director? Everyone’s secret will come to light as the evening passes.

This murder mystery night has been designed for medium-size group willing to spice up their gala dinner. A dress code is given to all participants who will also receive the details of their role a few days before the event.

During this evening, they must play their role and discretely interact with other guests in order to reveal everyone’s secrets before the dinner is over. But an unexpected event will stir the Casino: a killer is among them and they must unmask him!

This activity requires commitment from the guests who must take time to carefully read their character information before being able to play what will likely be among the most unforgettable dinner they will ever have.

A great immersive experience!