Improv’ for businesses

With change being the only constant these days it becomes more and more important to be able to think on your feet, to trust your collaborators and to take group decisions with conviction. This is why some of the best international business schools are now using improvisation classes to develop creativity, adaptability, better communication and leadership.

Applied improvisation draws its fundamentals on positive psychology and active listening. As creating change is about breaking patterns, improv’ offers the perfect set of skills to boost your team’s adaptability in order to respond in new ways and influence others to do so.

Empower your team with game-changing skills

The Covid-19 pandemic has totally reshaped the way we think of work. For several months, the link between collaborators has been put to the test while remote work became the norm. Isn’t it the right opportunity to re-build your team and help them adjust to a new reality?

Our high-energy workshops and interactive keynotes are available in English and French and can be customized to answer your specific needs and goals.
We can spark teams through one-off team-building events or drive change through campaign-based initiatives.

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