About us

Ubiquest is an urban game and event agency based in South East Asia (Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam& Phnom Penh in Cambodia) and in Europe (Lisbon, Portugal). Our goal is to offer live-action games, scripted events and improvisation workshops as a set of tools for team building for local and international companies, private groups and individuals.


We were rewarded the first prize for the Entrepreneur category of the French Business awards competition in 2016.



In 2017, we were shortlisted as one of the most innovative startups of the Mekong region for our Urban Tales concept and invited to attend the  Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST) Investor showcase at the Mekong Tourism.


Scope of action

We designed a large panel of brand new concepts for your team building activities, conferences, product launching and private events.

– Scavenger Hunts
– Amazing races
– Scripted investigations
– Improvisation for business

Unplug & Play

We aim at taking the participants out of their daily routine while offering them new experiences. Our games will immerse the players in a scenario in which they will be the main actors.

We focus on storytelling and spend a lot of time to build our scripts. We consider them as the base of the experience we provide to the players.

Our Alchemy

While creating new concept-games or in case of a specific request, our team will design original challenges supported by top-of-the-art technology and high-end services.

To ensure a seamless experience for participants Ubiquest relies on preparation and logistics. Creation of new scenarii follows a strict process while operations are based on several multi-lingual teams working together in the spotlight and behind the scene.

They worked with us!