Ubiquest in PORTUGAL

Do you want to organize a team building in Portugal ? Europe’s westernmost country is inextricably linked with the sea. Its more than 800 kilometers of dramatic coastline are scattered with beautiful beaches and offer a striking contrast with the interior. Here, the picturesque northern mountain ranges and the sun-bakes central regions are dotted with century-old stone towns and villages filled with palaces, monasteries, castles and museums. Hundreds of exceptional sites which bear witness to the country’s glorious past.

Lisbon, the capital city, is a perfect getaway destination and is stunningly set on the banks of the Tejo River. Blessed with great weather conditions and surrounded by impressive landscapes, the city is currently one the most dynamic in Europe. It is the perfect starting point to discover Portugal unique history, culture… and food!

Lisbon, with its charming streets and historic neighborhoods, provides an excellent starting point for any adventure in Portugal. From here, travelers can embark on a journey through the country’s multifaceted past, exploring ancient palaces that whisper tales of royalty, centuries-old monasteries that echo with religious fervor, imposing castles that stand as guardians of history, and museums that house artifacts weaving together Portugal’s glorious narrative.

The country’s coastal allure extends beyond Lisbon, with a myriad of beautiful beaches inviting travelers to unwind against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it’s the vibrant Algarve in the south or the rugged beauty of the northern coast, Portugal’s shores promise unforgettable moments and scenic vistas.

As visitors traverse the diverse landscapes, they’ll encounter the warmth of the Portuguese people, known for their hospitality and friendliness. Engaging with locals provides a deeper understanding of the nation’s living culture, as well as an opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Portuguese cuisine. From the iconic pastel de nata to savory bacalhau dishes, Portugal’s gastronomy is a delightful journey for the senses.

In essence, Portugal, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty, invites explorers to embark on a captivating Ubiquest—a quest for discovery that unveils the treasures of this enchanting country.

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From 20 to 150 participants

This exclusive urban scavenger hunt takes places in Lisbon historical areas of Alfama and Baixa. Teams will compete to be the first to unveil the city’s best kept secrets and reach the final location. This action-packed team building activity will test your team’s decision making skills and attention to details.


From 2 to 8 participants

Halfway between a life-sized investigation, an original city-tourand a treasure hunt, Urban Tales Lisbon puts you in the shoes of private detectives helping the National Archives of Portugal in their search for a legendary document.Test your team’s critical thinking and team spirit with style!


From 20 to 300 participants

A Box has been hidden somewhere in Lisbon. The first team to open it will get its content! In this unique team building activity, teams will compete through the historical districts of Lisbon to collect clue about the Box’ location and opening code. They will need a flawless team spirit and a good strategy!


From 8 to 150 participants

Treat employees to an unforgettable experience where they can learn to trust one another, build confidence, turn conflicts into opportunities and unleash creativity to solve problems.

Personalized urban gaming experience

From 10 to 300 participants

What if a dedicated team of creative minds was available to guide you and work on your project? You know your teams better than no one and you have the perspective needed to analyze their needs. On our side, we have solutions and a lot of experiences in designing solutions for corporate team building. 

Half and Full day Programms 

Ubiquest stands as a premier facilitator of corporate adventures in Portugal, offering tailor-made programs designed to cater to the diverse preferences and schedules of our clients. Whether you crave a dynamic half-day experience or seek a more immersive full-day exploration, Ubiquest adapts to your specific needs and desires.

Our commitment lies in curating an experience that seamlessly aligns with your team’s goals and aspirations. With Ubiquest, flexibility is paramount, ensuring that each program is finely tuned to capture the essence of Portugal while accommodating the unique requirements and interests of our valued clients.

Embrace a journey that transcends conventional team-building, where Ubiquest transforms your vision into a reality, crafting an unforgettable experience that aligns perfectly with your corporate objectives.


Embark on a bespoke corporate adventure in Portugal with Ubiquest—where every half-day or full-day program is crafted to fulfill your team’s aspirations. Contact us now via our form, and let the extraordinary journey begin !