Ubiquest in CAMBODIA

Do you want to organize a teambuilding in Cambodia ? Despite its frenzy to join the modernity, Cambodia has kept its soul and opens its arms wide to visitors eager for authenticity. Its dense and tumultuous history has endowed it with an exceptional heritage, of which the Angkor site is a jewel. However, the country is not limited to these famous temples and really deserves to be discovered.

The Khmer kingdom has all the assets of an unforgettable destination: a hectic capital, charming provincial towns and floating villages, the mythical Mekong River, green mountains and serene countryside, paradise islands and white sandy beaches, grandiose vestiges and a smiling and endearing people…

And now, Cambodia is also an incredible playground for your next corporate activity.

Venturing beyond traditional tourism, Cambodia emerges as an extraordinary playground for innovative corporate activities. Enter the realm of Ubiquest, where business meets adventure in a land brimming with possibilities.

Embark on a corporate journey that transcends conventional settings. Discover the bustling streets of Phnom Penh, the capital city pulsating with energy and ambition. Here, modernity interlaces seamlessly with tradition, providing a unique backdrop for team-building and strategic planning.

Explore provincial towns that exude charm, where the pace of life allows for meaningful interactions and the discovery of untold stories. Engage in team activities that draw inspiration from the local culture, fostering collaboration and creativity in an inspiring setting.

Journey along the legendary Mekong River, a lifeline for countless communities. As your team navigates its waters, bond over shared experiences and unearth the parallels between the river’s ebb and flow and the dynamics of effective teamwork.

Immerse yourself in the serene countryside, where lush landscapes inspire fresh perspectives. Utilize the tranquility of the surroundings to enhance focus during corporate retreats, fostering innovation and strategic thinking amidst the peaceful ambiance.

Escape to paradise islands and white sandy beaches for a well-deserved break, where relaxation and rejuvenation become integral components of your corporate agenda. Unwind in a setting that effortlessly blends business with pleasure, creating a harmonious balance for your team.

Ubiquest in Cambodia offers a holistic approach to corporate activities, combining the allure of the country’s cultural heritage with innovative team-building experiences. Let Cambodia be the canvas for your next corporate adventure, where the past and present converge to create a memorable and impactful journey for your team.

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From 20 to 150 participants

A  safe is being hidden in a secret location in the Capital City. A series of challenges awaits the competitors in order to locate the safe. The first team to open it, wins its content…Challenges, game content and decoration are tailor-made to suit your specific needs.


From 2 to 50 participants

Halfway between  an original city-tour and a treasure hunt, Urban Tales Phnom Penh puts you in the shoes of adventurers going back in time in search of a lost Khmer artefact. By following this journey, you will enjoy an original self-guided tour in the heart of the city.

TIME ZONE (Koh Dach Island)

From 21 to 80 participants

Elements of the Amazing Race TV show combined with mountain bikes, orienteering and a mind-bending game structure that will test your teams to their limits. Participants are trapped in a lush game zone where TIME is their most important resource.


From 20 to 150 participants

Create teams and take part in a thrilling treasure hunt. Ubiquest treasure hunt is a walking race adventure punctuated by puzzles and challenges  to solve.  Each player will need to cooperate with his team mates, be smart, insightful and fast to achieve the 5 challenges, beat the other teams and win the prize. 


From 80 to 250 participants

A combination of 3 challenges that will bring the creativity of your team to the next level!Perfect for large groups with mix nationalities & cultural backgrounds.


From 40 to 150 participants

This exciting rally was thoroughly designed in order to identify specific strengths among corporate teams as well as eventual malfunctions within the groups, all this while enjoying highly entertaining activities.  


From 1 to 200 participants

Are you ready for the future?  The Virtual Experiences Hub will let you travel instantly. The New Way to Travel, Engage or Incentivize. We are bringing the world closer! And we are making it is easy for you to have an exciting experience without leaving your doorstep.


From 20 to 150 participants

Take part in a thrilling treasure hunt in Ankor Wat complex with this interactive walking adventure punctuated by puzzles and challenges.  Each player will need to cooperate with his team mates, be smart, insightful and fast to achieve the 5 challenges, beat the other teams and win the prize. 

Half and Full day Programms 

Ubiquest stands as a premier facilitator of corporate adventures in Cambodia, offering tailor-made programs designed to cater to the diverse preferences and schedules of our clients. Whether you crave a dynamic half-day experience or seek a more immersive full-day exploration, Ubiquest adapts to your specific needs and desires.

Our commitment lies in curating an experience that seamlessly aligns with your team’s goals and aspirations. With Ubiquest, flexibility is paramount, ensuring that each program is finely tuned to capture the essence of Cambodia while accommodating the unique requirements and interests of our valued clients.

Embrace a journey that transcends conventional team-building, where Ubiquest transforms your vision into a reality, crafting an unforgettable experience that aligns perfectly with your corporate objectives.


Embark on a bespoke corporate adventure in Cambodia with Ubiquest—where every half-day or full-day program is crafted to fulfill your team’s aspirations. Contact us now via our form, and let the extraordinary journey begin !