COUNTDOWN is an original urban game where teams of 6 participants will compete to be the first to stop a countdown before it is too late!

A mysterious hacker has launched an electronic countdown.

Somewhere in the city, a laptop is waiting for the players to enter the code the will stop the time bomb.

Players will first need to work together before really stepping into the competition. A high adrenaline urban game that will test your team’s creativity, dexterity and team spirit to the core.

Important:please note that Ubiquest will provide a trophy to the winning team. You are welcome to add more value to the reward.

Duration: 3h
Number of participants: 30 to 80
Rate: from 960,000 VND (VAT 10% not included)

The rules

Part 1: All teams leave to locate pieces of puzzle scattered throughout the game zone by the hacker. To do this, they will explore the city using tablets in order to find the GPS coordinates of each piece of the puzzle. Questions and riddles will be triggered by the app’. Each of them giving an additional clue to the location of the puzzle parts.

Part 2: All the teams will gather to the place where the countdown is waiting. They will then discover how much time they have left to stop the countdown.
The team will then compete through a series of short (and hilarious) challenges that will test their dexterity and self control. The ambiance during that part of the game is at its peak!

Part 2:The final round of the competition will take place with the 2 remaining teams. The winner will get a chance to stop the countdown using the puzzle that was collected and 1 last riddle.