French Business Awards 2016

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After celebrating our first anniversary last November, we decided to join the French Business Awards competition organized by the CCIFV.

This 3rd edition aims to highlight and encourage French entrepreneurs operating in Vietnam. Four different categories – Communication, Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurand France-Alumni – have been selected and will be rewarded for this competition and one company will be rewarded for each category.

When we learned that we got the first prize for the Entrepreneur category, one single word came to our mind: accomplishment. Pride soon came and took over, but the feeling of accomplishment remains, the very same feeling that led us to where we are today.

But first, a short introduction:

Ubiquest was founded in November 2014 by Nicolas Plesse. After more than 12 years experience in the tourism industry, Nicolas decided to take a new turn and launched his own company.

The leisure industry is in its infancy age in Vietnam and Nicolas clearly identified the opportunity to develop more premium games for international and local people looking for new experiences.

Nicolas started to create scripted events & off the beaten tracks tours, using his longstanding passion for role plays and his bubbling mind to invent elaborated scenarii. He focuses on storytelling and spends a lot of time building the scripts, considering them as the basis of the experience provided to the players.

Our aim here at UBIQUEST is to allow our guests to enjoy self-guided and innovative experiences, with all the safety and organisation required to ensure a smoothly running moment.

The first tour Nicolas created was Urban Tales. The tour takes place in Chinatown, Saigon and it could be defined as follow: a life-sized treasure hunt that puts visitors in detectives’ shoes and makes them investigate the murder of Dr. Lam. By interviewing local actors and by solving clues to find the culprit, the players move from one gorgeous alleyway to another. So far, the tour has attracted more than 400 players.

While Urban Tales was growing and getting more and more popular, several other products were being elaborated as well as different public events such as Cluedo games.

A rather sporty public event was The Box, that took place in June: a scavenger hunt, by night, in the small alleys of District 3. Players had to solve clues by finding QR codes all along the itinerary.

Last December, Ubiquest launched Urban Tales in Hoi An, with a new original scenario (“The Malediction of the Jiangshi”), within the old town and outside in the surroundings country side.

In the meantime, some international companies and some established travel agencies have asked UBIQUEST to operate tailored-made games and corporate events.

Last but not least, our last creation was launched at the end of December: our Saigon 2CV tour gives visitors the opportunity to get a 2h30 classic car ride through Saigon by night, leading them to unvisited corners of the city and lively narrow streets.

Today UBIQUEST has 6 full time staff and a team of up to 90 facilitators for our large events.

We are working on new projects and public events for 2016. To keep updates, visit our website or our Facebook page.


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