This team building activity is an interactive scavenger hunt which takes place in the city center of Saigon or in any other Vietnamese city of your choice.

It is a genuine fun and exciting mobile app-based experience, combining the exploration of the city, an innovative scenario and a competitive dimension.

The Interactive City Hunt activity has been designed for up to 30 teams. It is an easy and flexible solution for groups who want to explore a city and bind team together at the same time.

By mixing innovative technologies, an insightful selection of city landmarks and funny challenges, we create tailor-made events that will match your specific group requirements and objectives.

Duration: 3h
Number of participants: 30 to 200
Rate: from 540,000 VND (VAT 10% not included)

The rules

The concept is simple: at the beginning of the game, each team will launch our dedicated application (smartphone with GPS and mobile internet access required). From there, teams are on their own and must do their best to get to the final location of the race with the highest score.

Participants will have to compete against each other, fulfilling challenges & riddles, looking for GPS points, deciphering codes and answering tailor-made or general knowledge quizzes.

The first team who finishes the adventure is the winner.