Mekong Quest, a new team building activity

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Looking for a different team building activity for your next work event? Let’s get out of town !

Ubiquest can help organize a fun day out with your staff and colleagues, outside the city.

Few months ago, we have launched a new corporate program as an alternative to our urban existing products, in the Mekong Delta region. The location is not far from Saigon; it is easy to go there for just for the day. Least but not last, it offers beautiful sceneries and natural playgrounds for a perfect day out.

Our new program is called Mekong Quest: it is a thrilling competition on a specific game zone that is quite large. This full-day program offers the participants an ultimate mix of outdoor activities and strategic missions.

The concept: teams have to locate a chest that is hidden somewhere on the game zone. The first team to find it and open it win its content. With a dedicated road map, all teams join the program and have to complete series of challenges in order to locate the chest. Participants have to complete tasks and each team will be scored points.

Icing on the cake: to go from one challenge to another, the teams will be riding bicycles, giving the activity a sportive touch!

On the menu: orienteering activities, riddles & puzzles to solve, codes to decipher & many more!

Mekong Quest provides rich opportunities for communication, strategy, and bonding for your team and creates fun memories.

Have a look right here to get a sneak peek of our Mekong Quest !

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