What’s The BOX ?

::: Night activity ::: 

A box is hidden somewhere in the city and at midnight, the box disappears…

Players must find it before that time in order to win what’s inside ! Players will need bicycles, smartphones, their legs and their brain to find this box… This very original game and its intriguing concept are definitely new and unique in Southeast Asia.

Duration: from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM
Number of participants: from 10 to 50
Rate: from 1.400.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)
3G connection needed

The rules

By teams of 2, players will get on their bicycles, turn on their smartphone and scout the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, by night, looking for the mysterious box.

Players will be provided with top of the range bicycles as well as the necessary items to ride around Ho Chi Minh City, by night, in perfectly secured conditions: lights, helmets,…

Participants need a 3G connection to progress through the game. Other than that, they will only need to provide physical and mental efforts to gather clues and find the box!

The box is a highly physical activity. Its originality is undeniable as it enables players to enter a part of Ho Chi Minh City that tourists do not know about and rarely see: an intriguing maze of small alley ways where local life thrives and no car can enter.

Far away from dangerous road traffic, The box is one of the most unique and entertaining games available to your clients.

Have a specific idea in mind? This game is easily customisable!