“The Rally” – a great 3-in-1 activity

 In corporate event, Saigon, team building

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure to organize a half-day team building activity for SCC Vietnam. This activity is called “The Rally” and is designed for medium to big groups. The morning program was divided into 3 workshops, each of them having a specific goal, and the teams had to act into different immersive and exciting situations.

First part was the “Marshmallow challenge” (the goal is to build the highest structure in 18 minutes, following specific rules); second part was a “Scavenger hunt” in District 1 (where participants have to orientate themselves & complete challenges in different locations, some of them being quite hidden and fun!); third & last part was the “Pipeline challenge” (using a limited amount of supplies and in a limited time, the goal is to build a pipeline crossing the room which would transport 10 marbles.)

Those 3 workshops are excellent to make people work closely together and embrace collaboration.

Well done to all participants and thank you for you enthusiasm and your energy!

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