What’s The RALLY ?

Soft skills acquisition & team bonding

This exciting rally was thoroughly designed in order to identify specific strengths among corporate teams as well as eventual malfunctions within the groups, all this while enjoying highly entertaining activities.

Duration: Half-Day
Number of participants: from 45 to 150
Rate: from 1.000.000 vnd / pers (VAT 10% not included)

The workshops

This highly entertaining activity is divided into 3 workshops, each of them having a specific business goal, allowing companies to witness their teams in immersive and exciting situations that will require mental abilities, physical strengths, negotiating skills and most of all: team-work.

1/ The marshmallow challenge

Teams must build the tallest freestanding structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, tape, string, and one marshmallow. The marshmallow has to be on top.

2/ Scavenger hunt

With this activity, players will have the opportunity to exercise and discover the area. Teams will have to complete challenges and read a map in order to discover the final location of the hunt.

3/ The pipeline of the century

Each team must use limited supplies (PVC piping, balloons, bamboo stakes, rope etc.) to build a pipeline that must safely transport a maximum number of marbles. Each team takes charge of a part of the pipeline. The clincher is that each team’s section of the pipeline must interface with those before and after it in order to work properly.

Thissoft skills acquisition & team bonding rally was designed to suit the needs of local teams (it is available in Vietnamese).