TIME ZONE (Koh Dach Island)

What’s TIME ZONE ?

Soft skills acquisition & team bonding

Time Zone is an exciting team building program taking place in Koh Dach Island area, near Phnom Penh. It mixes elements of the Amazing Race TV show with a series of physical challenges & a lot of brain teasers. Participants are trapped in a lush game zone where time is their most important resource. They have to play smartly, fulfilling specific missions. A great escape from the city!

Duration: Full Day

Number of participants: from 21 to 80 participants

Rate: from 30 USD / pers (transfer included – VAT 10% not included)

The Program flow

Participants are trapped in a game zone where TIME is their most important resource. Time is a flexible concept with which the teams will have to play smartly. Participants will use mountain bikes to move around,  in a natural landscape made of canals, rice fields and small villages.

Each team begins the race with a common time allotment counted in minutes. Their goal is to reach the final location of the race within this time limit. However the starting time credit is not sufficient to finish the race and participants will need to orientate themselves in order to find specific locations, tokens and challenges that will affect TIME.


Here are some of the missions proposed:

Half the team is blind folded during this challenge while others try to guide them through an area full of « time mines ». The guides must manage to lead their team mates in the safe zone without touching any mine and only by giving verbal instructions. Each mine has a time value. When touched, a mine will remove its value from the team’s credit. Will they go slowly and control their time or will they bet on their skills to quickly reach the safe zone?

Mission #2 THE EGG DROP
Upon arrival the team is given an uncooked egg. They can spend the time they want to use the provided supplies and build a contraption that will prevent the egg from breaking when dropped. When ready, the team must test the result of their work to see if it is efficient… They can even chose the height of the drop to gain more time credit!

In this challenge, the team is requested to transport a load of watermelons from one site to the other and to follow a strict path involving speed, quizzes and a funny memory game.

Mission #4 THE ROPE
5 keys are entangled in an enormous rope nod. Only one of them will open the box that contains the next clue. The box, however is located far from the rope and the team must remove all the nods and decide whether they test each key one by one or spend more time and untie all keys before going to the box.