What’s this Tuk Tuk Quest all about ?

The Phnom Penh Tuk Tuk Quest is an original urban game taking place in Cambodia’s capital city. The concept is simple: an box awaits the competitors at a secret location. The first team to locate and open the safe will win its content…

Duration: 1/2 day 
Number of participants: 20 to 150
Rate: from 25 USD / pers (VAT 10% not included)

The program flow

Information about the location of the safe can be found by completing original challenges which will require both physical skills and logical thinking, as well as team spirit and a solid time management strategy. Further clues to the location of the safe will be handed to participating teams for each successful challenge.

The second part of the Phnom Penh Tuk Tuk Quest moves up a gear further when the players try to retrieve the combination that opens the safe. Numbers are scattered throughout the game zone. Team spirit and strategic thinking are necessary to determine who will open the safe and win the race.

Pure energy for your corporate event

TEAM SPIRIT: Challenges have been designed so that each team member’s strengths are useful to the rest of the team.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Their difficulty level has been assessed to spur the team on to outstanding performance.

STRATEGIC THINKING: Taking critical decisions while being unsure of their consequences is part of the game. The team will also have to manage time efficiently and make choices which will impact their progress.

CREATIVITY: Multiple challenges will require to think out of the box. Participants will have to make the right choice at the right moment in order to surpass their competitors.

RISK TAKING: People will need to face situations they are not used to and react appropriately. The game will test their ability to go the extra mile.