What is Urban Tales ?

Halfway between the treasure hunts of our childhood and an original city-tour, URBAN TALES invites you to unfold an immersive storyline. Following the footsteps of the culprits or tracking the main character’s memories, you will enjoy an unconventional self-guided tour of some fascinating urban areas. The storyline is designed to help you discover the city’s main landmarks as well a some truly hidden gems. Urban Tales also offers to bring you back in time and revisit Lisbon’s incredible past. You will learn about the city’s Muslim heritage, the Reconquista, the powerful Inquisition and so much more.

Duration: 1/2 day 
Number of participants: 2 to 8
Rate: from 20 Euros / pers 

What is the scenario of your visit?

A hacker threatens to destroy the national archives of Portugal using a computer virus that cyber security specialists are unable to stop. Surprisingly, the hacker asks to be given an esoteric manuscript dating back to the 18th century called the “Codex of Siad Alnujum”.

The Institution is at a loss. They have decided to contact your private investigation agency. You are to meet your first contact at a local place in Alfama. Time is running out: you only have a few hours to find the legendary document.