Have you heard about our Interactive City Hunt?

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Our Interactive City Hunt has definitely been one of the most popular activities for team building events this year.

It is the perfect experience you can offer to your team for a fun and memorable half-day out.

Why? Simply because it is a truly exciting mobile app-based activity, combining the exploration of the city, an innovative & interactive scenario and a competitive dimension.

On the menu: quizzes to answer (it could be about city landmarks or other local features), funny challenges and riddles to fulfill, GPS pointsto look for and  codes to decipher !

As the participants progress through the activity using one tablet per team, they will earn more or less points and get a final score,  depending on whether they are quick enough or whether they manage to answer all the questions…. Exciting!

Our Interactive City Hunt has been designed for up to 30 teams.

It is an easy and flexible solution for groups who want to explore the city and bound teams together at the same time.

Last but not least, we can tailor made some parts of the activity, in relation with your department or your company,  upon your requests.

The route to success to complete the hunt: competition but of course also cooperative skills, sense of direction and time management!

If you are looking for more information about this product or about other urban games for your next team building, please have a look right here!

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